Camps for Children Entering Grades 2-6

two girls in helmets

The elementary years are a critical and formative time in your child's life

Their self-image is being formed, their concepts of God are being developed, and they are beginning to discover their interests and abilities. All of this is happening in the midst of a hectic world. Our Beginner Camp and Junior Adventure Quest programs provide a place of refuge for your children; a home away from home where the values you cherish are taught and reinforced. At camp, your child will learn new skills in a safe, loving environment and will develop Christian character while learning how much they matter to God!

Beginner Camp NEW! Entering Grades 2-3 / 4 Days

Welcome to your home away from home! Beginner Camp will introduce you to the excitement of summer camp where your days will be filled with more fun than you’ve ever imagined.

Beginner Camp is your launching point into the Doe River Gorge family, where for years to come, you can experience fun and adventure and excel in your personal and spiritual growth. While enjoying the outdoors you will learn new skills, develop lifelong friendships, and grow in your relationship with Jesus Christ.

We can’t wait to watch you grow up and see what God does in your life. Welcome to Beginner Camp and the Doe River Gorge family!

Junior Adventure Quest Entering Grades 3-6 / 4 or 6 Days

Junior Adventure Quest is a kid's dream come true! Imagine racing your friends down a 700-foot water-landing zipline, being catapulted by the blob into a mountain lake or engaging in a game of paintball. Hang out with your friends on the white sand beach, sip a root beer float at the Sidetrack Café, or express your creativity in the Creative Arts Center. You'll love the fun, kid-friendly staff who will be with you 24/7 throughout the week, leading, encouraging, and cheering you on to grow in challenging new ways. In the midst of all the exciting activity, you'll learn new skills, develop Christ-like character, and discover the adventure of knowing and worshiping the God of the universe.

Bring your Children's Group

Why plan camp when we can do it for you? Bring your organized group to Doe River Gorge, where you are free to invest your time in the students God has entrusted to your care. As a group, you’ll receive a substantial discount from published rates. Call 423.725.4010 for more information and to register your group.