Sequential Programs
for Personal & Spiritual Growth

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Children and teens live in a crazy, busy world. School, sports, homework, extracurricular activities, friendships, recreation, and social media all vie for their attention.

But living in this high-tech, fast-paced, win-at-all-cost culture can leave its scars on young people. Loneliness, rejection, low self-esteem, pressure to perform, and fear of the future are some of the struggles that cause anxiety and heartbreak. In addition to these struggles, students are growing up in a culture that often attacks their faith and undermines the Christian values we all cherish. Doe River Gorge desires to partner with parents and youth leaders to help children and teens navigate through these formative and challenging years. From the time a student enters second grade until they graduate from college, Doe River Gorge offers sequential, age-appropriate summer camps that will inspire, educate, encourage, and equip students to be all they can be. In this fun, loving, and caring refuge, students have time to grasp their value and worth, discover their gifts and abilities, develop Christ-like character, and meet God in life-changing ways.

Explore the sequential program list to find the launching point for the young person you love. Working together, we can raise up a generation of young people who live lives for the glory of God.

"As a formation tool for young people, Doe River Gorge is a national treasure."
— Parent, Kentucky

Our Pledge

Exceptional Staff

Doe River Gorge has a committed team of 18 full-time staff members with a combined total of over 215 years of camping ministry experience. During the summer, this staff is complemented by 70 of the most hardworking, kid-loving, God-honoring college students that we can find. Before beginning service, summer staff members receive 130 hours of intensive training.

Health and Safety

At Doe River Gorge, safety is top priority. While danger is inherent in any adventure activity, Doe River Gorge seeks to minimize that risk through well-designed courses, regularly inspected professional equipment, and highly-trained staff. A medical professional is on site 24/7 during the summer.

Personalized Attention

Emotional safety is very important to us. Doe River Gorge strives for a counselor/student ratio of 2:8, minimizing the potential for bullying and giving your child personalized supervision, instruction, and attention.

Fabulous Meals

Doe River Gorge takes pride in serving great tasting, nutritious meals. Fresh fruits and vegetables are always available and special diets can be accommodated with prior notice.

Partner in Parenting

We desire to stand with you through the joys and difficulties of parenting. We want to partner with you by offering memory-making and defining-moment opportunities that will educate, motivate, and inspire your children to be all they can be.