Activity Options (*some activities have seasonal limitations)

team building event Team-Building - Grow your group in the areas they need it most based on your needs and goals. Games, Ice Breakers & Mixers...Get to know each other and have a blast doing it!

team building event Climbing Tower - Various degrees of difficulty are available on this state-of-the art installation. Accommodates multiple climbers simultaneously. Experience not only the challenge, but the view from the top! (more)

lake and beach*Lake - White sand beach, splash boats, deep water raft, water-landing triple zipline, the blob, inflatables, and shallow water deck with slide.

water-landing triple zipline*Triple Water-Landing Zipline - Strap on a harness, hike the trail to the platform, zip down 750 feet, skim across the water and splash to a stop near the end of the lake.

the blobThe Rapture Your team pulls the rope lifting you up and away on the other end resulting in a quick, 60-foot vertical journey. (more)

rappeling Rappelling - Rappel alongside your friend down a spectacular 95-foot cliff with awe-inspiring views of the gorge!

the blob*Blob - Jump off the Blob deck and land on a huge air bag to send the person at the other end of the blob flying through the air and into the lake. (more)

Leap of Faith - Climb to the top of a 32 ft. pole and jump to the trapeze bar. Double Leap also available - four climbers, two on each pole, jumping at the same time! Intense! (more)

horseback riding Horseback Riding - Take a scenic ride through pastures and forest. Well-trained horses and qualified staff will lead you around one of the most attractive places in East Tennessee.

scenic train ride Diesel Train Ride - Ride open railcars into the majestic Doe River gorge through two tunnels along 1.2 miles of restored track of the historic East TN & Western North Carolina Railway.

electric rail car excursionGorge Excursion - Electric railcar and passenger trailer provide a low cost alternative to the Diesel Train. Ideal for smaller groups to experience the stunning river gorge scenery.

unimog 4x4 ridesUNIMOG 4x4 Rides - Temporarily unavailable

hike the railroad tracksHiking - Follow the tracks of the historic railroad for 2.5 miles along the beautiful Doe River. An easy, unobstructed walk for young and old.

bonfireCampfire - Sing songs, roast marshmallows and make memories around the fire pit.

technical tree climbTechnical Tree Climbing -Learn to ascend ropes hanging from a giant White Oak and relax in a tree hammock when you reach the top. When you see it, you'll want to do it! (more)

SRX – Take a giant rope swing to the tree deck and then ride an 800 foot canopy zipline along the river, followed by two more ziplines crisscrossing the river, and a short rappel to finish the course.

paintballPaintball - Experience heart-pounding, adrenaline-pumping action as your team uses strategy and teamwork to eliminate the opposing team in a 3-acre wooded course!

regulation sand court volleyballVolleyball - Regulation sand court - lighted for night use.

vertical challenge course.Via Dolorosa - Climb rope ladders, horizontal bars and vertical beams with hand-holds to a deck high above the forest floor. (more)

octaball court dodgeballOctaball - A fast paced variation of dodgeball in an octagonal court (lighted for night use) ... highly addictive! (more)