Our Mission...

...is to glorify God by proclaiming His Word so as to cultivate in people a passion to intimately know God, resulting in a heart of worship, a desire for purity, and a Christ-centered vision for their lives.

Come to Doe River Gorge where you will be . . .

group of kids


You will come away with a love for life, a love for others, and a love for God. You will discover that real joy comes from living for Christ, and you will be better equipped to take a stand for the values that bring real happiness and meaning.

group of kids


You will be uplifted and encouraged as you find yourself surrounded by friendly, smiling faces ready to help you have one of the best times of your life. It is a place where you will be valued, nurtured, uplifted, and encouraged; a place where you will be accepted regardless of how you look or what you have; a place where no one is put down or bullied or ridiculed. Doe River Gorge is a place where you will be celebrated for the unique person that God created you to be.

Joe Stowell"I enthusiastically endorse the ministries of Doe River Gorge. Their love for young people, cutting edge programming, loving staff and unshaken belief that God's Word is the best thing to give today's youth is making a strategic difference. For all of us who are rooting for the next generation, Doe River Gorge is our kind of place."

Joseph M. Stowell
President, Cornerstone University
President, Moody Bible Institute (1987-2004)