Summer Staff 2019

College Students (your best semester ever!)

  • May 17 - August 4
  • $205/week (Faith-based financial support...like a mission trip)*

Looking for: counselors, activity instructors, lifeguards, photo/video, retail (snack shop, gift shop), maintenance, wranglers, musicians, food service.

Click for more info: *raising support, positions, values and philosophy.

Summer Staff Application
Medical Staff Volunteer

“God lives here, and we have the opportunity to be his hands and feet. Working here has been the best decision I’ve ever made. Now, I feel I’ve truly been used for something greater than myself.” 
~Meredith, Summer Staff Alum

“God is everywhere and His people are everywhere; but here, they gather and are of one mind, one body, and one action. It is Holy.”
~Zane, Summer Staff Alum

“It is the hardest job you will ever love. You will be challenged and grown while being loved, encouraged, and poured into. It is a family, not a job; a community of believers coming alongside one another to further God’s kingdom.”
~Alyssa, Summer Staff Alum

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