Details for 2018

Wages and Benefits

four staffDoe River Gorge Ministries takes great measures to ensure that our Summer Staff are ministered to and cared for in every way. As a Summer Staff member you have the choice to either raise faith-based financial support or to simply volunteer for the summer. Every staff member will receive:

  • 20 meals per week
  • Sleeping facilities
  • Training for high adventure activities, debriefing and discipleship training
  • Red Cross First Aid with CPR/AED training and certifications
  • Lifeguarding training and certifications offered to those who qualify
  • Workers Compensation Insurance
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You will be invited to raise faith-based financial support and your goal will be to raise a set rate starting at $205 per week (this rate changes for returning staff and highly-skilled staff).  You will receive the amount for which you are contracted for once you complete the full contract. Any excess raised will go toward other summer staff or will be used to meet the needs of the ministry.

If you choose to raise support, YOU must:
  • Supply Doe River Gorge with a minimum of 50 names and addresses of individuals, churches, organizations, or businesses that you feel might support your summer. (Tip: Don’t wait all summer to turn in your 50 names! If you cannot find 50 names, turn in what you have as soon as possible.)
  • Follow-up and send thank-you letters to your contact list.
  • Continue to communicate with your support team through letters and social media, if so desired.

DRG will:

  • Create: a personalized letter from you to your contacts.
  • Provide: Appeal Letter, Envelopes, Labor, and Postage.
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Staff Training: May 17th-June 2nd (mandatory for all summer staff)
Summer Staff Ministry: June 3rd - Aug 5th
Staff Debrief for all Summer Staff: Aug 3-5

Staff Expectations

As Summer Staff, you take on a great responsibility for the children that you serve. Because of this, Doe River Gorge asks you to take your first step towards serving by laying aside your personal freedoms. Doe River Gorge cares deeply for the campers God has entrusted to us. Therefore, we ask our Summer Staff to remove potential distractions for the sake of the campers. Each established policy allows us to better focus on introducing campers to Christ and ensuring that everyone has great experience!

Safety: Safety is top priority. The entire staff is required to follow the established regulations including: curfew, use of vehicles, and use of devices (cell phones may be used only during time off), the prohibition of the use of alcoholic beverages, tobacco, and illegal/harmful drugs. These standards of behavior are in effect both on and property. If you are struggling in any of these areas, we ask that you delay applying until you have experienced full healing.

Appearance: Doe River Gorge realizes that many college students often exercise their freedom to dress in an individualistic and creative style. However, many parents do not want their children to do the same. Therefore, Doe River Gorge pursues a modest and widely accepted Dress Code. We limit your freedoms in order to impact kids for Christ and to eliminate possible distractions. Doe River Gorge Ministries asks all of its Summer Staff members to sign and adhere to the Doe River Gorge Employee Code of Conduct and Dress Code.